Ridgeline Seed

Ridgeline seeds are designed to perform optimally in food plots, providing a great food supply for whitetail deer. Each seed variety is a carefully selected and highly desirable variety to attract wildlife.

Our seed blends produce high quality, high protein forage to sustain deer throughout the year, especially during late fall and winter when food is scarce.

Ridgeline Seed blends are great for woods-edge food plots or larger destination food plots, and are compatible with poor soil.

On target with nature's system is about using the right seed and equipment to cut down or eliminate herbicides in your food plots that will allow you to work with nature on a whole new level and help fight some of the diseases that our wildlife is facing.

★★☆★★ Signature 5-Star Blends

5 Star Wunderbar Greens

Ridgeline 5 Star Wunderbar Greens is a blend of cereal grains and winter peas as a highly palatable and digestible forage for your wildlife especially in early season through early December. It can be topped with 5 Star Brassica Blend to extend the food plot attractability further into late season.

1/2 acre bag

5 Star Wunderbar Brassica

Ridgeline 5 Star Wunderbar Brassica can be planted in a standalone small food plot or drilled into summer food plots of Winner X Beans or Summer Draw. Also works to broadcast into standing beans or other summer plots that have been over browsed. Timing the broadcast application just before a rain will help you get the best results.

1/4 acre bag 1/2 acre bag 1 acre bag 2 acre bag

5 Star Buffet

Ridgeline 5 Star Buffet is a diverse blend of cereal grains, peas, buckwheat, radish, turnips and annual clovers that works great in smaller hunting plots.

1/4 acre bag 3/4 acre bag

5 Star Rage

Ridgeline 5 Star Rage is an aggressive fall blend great for all soil types and building rich, high-energy soils. This blend of cereal grains, radish, turnips, forage brassicas, and annual clovers can be drilled into the summer annuals to provide fall and winter forage, and then crimped down in the following spring to put organic matter back into the soil.

1/4 acre bag 1/2 acre bag 1 acre bag

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